Cat Boarding

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Cat Large Suites

Large Suites

Cat Play Room

Play Room
3 Condos $25/night ($23/night for additional cat in same condo)
9 Large Suites $20/night
  • Natural lighting from a big picture window for soaking up the sun
  • Kitty gymnasium and scratching posts and perches
  • Space for cat specific VIP sessions (options include chasing a laser light or feather, quiet time cuddling, or anything else your cat loves)
  • Owner-provided medications administered at no charge

Amenities available at extra charge to personalize your cat's stay

  • Electronic communication (text messages with pictures)
  • VIP session (20 minutes): customizable one-on-one time with a loving staff member (options include tummy rubs, brushing, just cuddling, or any other special thing your cat enjoys)
  • Nite-time tuck-in with treats
Prices effective January 2018
Prices and policies subject to change without notice